Pricing starts at 460/Month. This includes a 30-minute lesson once a week during school terms but excludes school holidays and public holidays. It also includes most printed and audio materials except for examination books and examination fees. The fee is a fixed amount every month regardless of the number of lessons. Months with 5 lessons will not be charged more.

Unfortunately, not at this stage. All lessons are taught from our studio in Krugersdorp.

You do not need your own instrument for the first couple of lessons. They will be mainly theory based and you will still be finding your feet. However, after about 4-6 weeks you should ideally have your own instrument to practice at home as this will ensure continued progress.

We usually recommend students start from age 9, but we will consider taking on students from aged 7 subject to an assessment lesson.

Yes, we offer examination preparation. This is done in normal lesson time. Examination materials and fees are additional costs and not part of lesson fees.

Unfortunately, not. All our lessons are one-on-one private classes to ensure individualised attention.

We currently offer lessons on Guitar, Drums, Bass and Piano only. If you are interested in another instrument, please contact us so we can recommend someone in the area.

We do not offer singing lessons, but we can recommend someone who does. Please contact us.

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